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Product Detail


D-Essence - Pure Mineral Skin Essence 200ml
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D-Essence - Pure Mineral Skin Essence 200ml 
Product Detail

D-Essence contains moisturizing factor, which can moisturize and contain moisture within your skin. It can diminish inflammation, kill bacteria, relieve itching, calm your skin and soothing sensitive symptoms. This product is specially designed for skin (face or private parts), helping people to get rid of the discomfort they often have. Effectively kill highly infectious viruses.

D-Essence can effectively eliminate a variety of highly contagious bacteria and viruses, for example;

•Escherichia coli     •Staphylococcus aureus
•Pseudomonas aeruginosa    •Candida albicans
•Aspergillus brasiliensis    •Beta hemolytic streptococcus
•Salmonella choleraesuis    •Klrbsiella pneumoniae

Product code: D2EA-200
Main ingredients: Rare trace elements in coral reefs
, and small molecules of pure water.

Directions: spray directly on face, body, or private parts. Spray on body or underarm area when sweating to reduce body odor. Woman can spray
on menstrual products during period. Suitable for everyone to use.
Caution: store in a cool and dry place. Adult’s guidance necessary when
used by children. For external use only.

Made in Taiwan

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