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What is collagen peptide?
Collagen peptide is present in bones, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, skin, cornea, blood vessels, intervertebral discs, and dentition. It is also found in muscle tissue and diaphragms, giving flexibility and strength while also protecting cells and isolating Pathogens, environmental toxins and other harmful substances.
Collagen peptide is a cornerstone of the body and supports the entire body.

Peptides are the hottest focus of
the Nobel Prize in recent years

"Peptide" is almost used to treat any disease, no drug can be
compared with it.
–– United States Dr. Ron Green
"Peptide" significantly improved the liver disease caused by
any disease.
–– Prof. Craven Hince, Canada
Biologically active peptides are extremely active and diverse.
This powerful compound is superior to any nutrient and drug
and is a magic weapon for human health in the 21st century.
–– China Peptide Expert Zou Yuandong

“Peptide”is the only health food that has received 10 Nobel Prizes

Select oligopeptides to completely absorb without burden
Peptide can be immediately absorbed into the body

Peptide is a natural substance formed by the combination of essential amino acids, and only small traces can have extremely strong physiological and physiological activities.
The protein in the body's decomposing foods must be digested and absorbed by a variety of enzymes. The peptide's structure is extremely small and can be completely absorbed by the body.
For the macromolecular foods, which are less likely to be decomposed and absorbed by the human digestive system, they are first decomposed into small molecules that can be directly absorbed by the human body by means of biotechnology. The decomposed small molecu
les can be quickly absorbed and directly applied into the body, while also reducing the burden on the digestive system.
Collagen peptide, no equal comparison to collagen

Protein molecules are relatively large and must be broken down into small molecules of amino acids that can be absorbed into the body. Peptides do not need to be decomposed by the body and can be directly absorbed by the intestines to reach the entire body and even the skin.

Supplements that compensate any loss!

Collagen peptide is the main component of the skin, accounting for 72% of the skin, 80% of the dermis is collagen peptide, a fine elastic network in the skin, can lock moisture, support the skin as a support. At the age of 20, collagen peptide begins to be lost, and its content will decline year by year. At the age of 35, it has entered the peak of loss. At the age of 45, less than half of an 18 years old.Collagen peptide can support the skin. Once lost, the dermis will collapse and wrinkle. The skin will loosen and droop. When the skin is oily, the enlarged pores can't be retracted due to the elasticity, and the pores will become coarse. Base, melanin will accumulate in the hollow and crevices of the skin, forming a stain.Make up loss by supplementing sufficient collagen peptide, reverse age and restore skin elasticity!
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